Lot of Happiness to the PalaPlip!

April 24th, 2013: PalaPlip Palace of Mestre-Venezia was honored to be a location of the Italian National Presentation of RdM!

In the picture, you can see the author Nicola Gomirato (with his ever present glasses), Silvia Gomirato and, with his ever present red tie Magico Paky, old friend of Martino and internationally know magician, long applauded for his splendid performance as magician.

A large audience greeted so the beginning of this wonderful children's literature novelty for italian children, accompanied not only by the presentation made by the author, but also by the wonderful moments of magic wonders offered by Magico Paky, one of many friends of Martino!

Warmly applauded Elisa Mori, who spoke about the educational philosophy inherent about tales of Martino.

During the show-presentation have been read three short stories from Martino Tales. Readers Silvia and Greta, and the same author Nicola Gomirato have, with a captivating narration, delighted the children present in large numbers.

Also the many adults present, their parents and many friends of the author, had fun listening to the tales, little gems of children's literature, as they were considered by most participants.

Particularly exciting time was while reading a short story by the author, surrounded by some children present, curious and ... proud to be on stage!

Finally, a special thanks to David Casagrande, Chairman of Palaplip, enthusiastic supporter of the developing of Martino Tales!, and David Marchiori, director of Palaplip, for its availability to the immediate solution of technical and organizational issues.


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